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Smile returns as a full production to Richardson Auditorium

October 10th, 9pm, Free for all, Richardson Auditorium (68 Nassau St), Princeton, NJ.

Wacky doo! Smile will headline Comedy Night at Richardson Auditorium as part of Princeton Arts Week. Opening acts include Quipfire and New York sketch troupe (and current UCB Backyard Brawl champs) Boy Girl Boy Girl.

Ian Federgreen Reviews Smile

Smile made Ian's "Love It" list. He writes:

“Raithel is an enormously likable performer whose story of massive depression is (intentionally) hilarious.... He makes great use of the space, sharing his well-crafted tale with wonderful physicality. The sound and video design, too, is among the best I’ve seen and is incorporated seamlessly”

Read the full review here.

Angel Lam reviews Smile

Angel Lam of Theatre is Easy writes that Smile is:

"Well-written... light-hearted... bold... The direction is a tightly woven canvas of sound, voices, visuals and lights."

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NYTheater Now reviews Smile - "Clayton Raithel is indeed 'the f*cking man...'"

Heater McAllister writes: "Smile is a brave and honest work." Read the full review:

Clayton Raithel is indeed “the fucking man!” as he exuberantly exclaims in his one man exploration of kicking depression in the ass, Smile.

Clayton is adorable. His accomplished improv and stand up background shine through as he assumes countless characters, inhabits varied locales, and rips away the emotional band aid of his struggles with crippling depression, all while recounting a failed romance.

Directing team of Rick and Jeff Kuperman set a fast and furious pace that never lets up; the hilarious hour long show flies by. Flawlessly timed sound and video, (also by the Kupermans and Raithel) along with Clayton’s mime skills, flesh out his all too relatable story.

Sharing heartbreak in a charming and hilarious manner, while avoiding being a bummer, is definitely a challenge. To open your heart and pour the messy insides all over the stage, while making us laugh, is a true gift. And yet, while I can understand not wanting to peer too closely into the dark abyss that is depression - we don’t want to encourage the abyss to look back after all - I was ready for more. I’m hoping as Clayton continues to develop this awesome piece, he’ll feel ready for us to share his tears as well as his laughter.

People with depression need to know they’re not alone, and Smile is a brave and honest work. Thank you Clayton, your “Smile” warmed my heart. I highly recommend this show!

-- Heather McAllister, NY Theater Now