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Smile is an autobiographical, one-man comedy show about depression and the loss of first love.

Smile will move anyone who’s been in love and has a wacky sense of humor.
— R. N. Sandberg, Playwright
Well-written... light-hearted... bold... The direction is a tightly woven canvas of sound, voices, visuals and lights.
— Angel Lam, Theater is Easy
Clayton Raithel is indeed the “f*cking man”... Hilarious... flawlessly timed... People with depression need to know they’re not alone, and Smile is a brave and honest work.
— Heather McAllister, NYTheater Now
Raithel is an enormously likable performer... He makes great use of the space, sharing his well-crafted tale with wonderful physicality. The sound and video design, too, is among the best I’ve seen and is incorporated seamlessly.
— Ian Federgreen, FringeBlog

Synopsis - Clayton's the man. He graduates from Princeton. He moves to NYC to become a famous artiste. He finds the love of his life. But shit happens. Now he can't stop puking and crying everywhere. He's clinically depressed, and it's hilarious!

Drawing by Jon Lavalley